Has anyone found a use for it after the nerf. I was trying to make a control deck that included it but the penalties seem too high. Halving your life just seems to steep along with the other penalties. What if it set your life to 10 instead? Bad to use when you are at full life, but could potentially still be useful when you are really low. I don’t think it would be too op because burn, rush, and ranged decks could eat through 10 health pretty quickly.

I’m thinking about playing doomsday in a 3 wishes deck with radiance.

Could be ok just before playing 3 wishes.

If you played creatures that gained Faeria when they died, (Stormspawn, Deathwish Ghoul) then it might not be as much of a penalty to play Doomsday. The card could still work, but it would require that you build a deck with a strong late game win condition, good healing, and a way to recover from the downsides of Doomsday. It could work in a B/Y list that plays things like Magnus, Windfall, the 3 cost 2/2 with "Gift: The next card you draw with original cost 7 or higher costs 3 less. (I can’t remember the name) Maybe you even play water elementals and go for Aurora’s Dream as a second win condition. Baron Thulgar might work in that deck, and you could play Radiance, Imperial Airship for healing.

With all that in mind though, the card is realistically not very strong.

The problem is that even if you wanted to play the card, the faeria cost makes it effectively unplayable.

The card is ment to be a played as a game changer. You sacrifice everything on the board, all your faeria and half of your life for a shot at turning the game around. While i agree that its previous cost of 4F made it very exploitable by yellow rush decks for hard removal, but shooting it up to 9 faeria made it unplayable for all decks.

If you werent playing a rush deck, had no income, you just lost your last creature, your enemy has a 7/7 creature two spaces away from your orb and one hit will kill you. In this case if you had doomsday in hand and and it costs 9F then you effectivly need 3 turns to be able to use it, at which point it looses its very meaning for existence in the first place.

If the card was buffed from 9F to something on the lines of 7-8F that would be acceptable, AND it wouldnt be able to be missused by yellow rush decks