Drain Life/Attack

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I had a look on several cards using the phrase “drain” and have some questions/suggestions based on the “Drain Life/Attack” ruling.

I realised it when I played Shaytan Vampire on a creature with protection.

Protection (based on the faeria Wiki) has the wording:
“The next time this creature would take damage, it ignores it and loses Protection instead”

Soul Drain says:
“Drain 2 Life from a creature.”

Shaytan Vampire says:
“This creature drains 2 life from all adjacent enemy creatures.”

This simply means… “Drain” is equivalent to “Deal damage + gain that much”

It might be better to change the text into somthing like:
“Soul Drain deals 2 damage to a creature. You gain 2 life.”
“This creature deals 2 damage to all adjacent enemy creatures and gains that much life.”

I have no idea how it actually works with Azarai, Wrath of the Desert.
“Azarai drains 2 Attack from each enemy creature.”

Does it reduce the attack value from an enemy with protection?

Case A) If yes
The “drain” effect on a protection creature based on the drain of life vs. the drain of Attack is misleading from the text and the rules behind it and should be clarified.

In my opinion Azarai should have in that case:
“Azarai reduces the Attack from each enemy creature by 2 and gains that much attack”

Case B) If no
How is the exact definiton of “Protection”.
It should be clarified at some point.

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Hi @yourNICKhere
You have a good point, but your name sugestions are a bit too long to put on a card and that’s why they come up with theese words, which sometimes isn’t an easy task as they try to choose words appropiate for the setting (as I understand it). However I do agree on you on the fact that they should clarify what it means, maybe by having a dedicated page with explanations and examples of how it works?