Drawing cards that aren't in my deck

I’m relatively new to the game and I’m still finding my way around. I just played a casual PvP match where I drew “Forbidden Library” twice. At the time I thought this was odd since I hate that card and would never put it into my deck. So after the match I went into the deck builder and sure enough, the deck I was using didn’t have that card in it. Not only that but I only have 1 “Forbidden Library” card that I can place in a deck in the first place. So how did I end up drawing 2 of a card that I don’t even have in my deck?

Is this intentional that you can randomly pull cards that you haven’t got or is it a bug? And before you ask, no I wasn’t using a different deck by mistake, as I checked and none of my decks have that card in it.

Any thoughts on this?

This is definitely a bug, as it would make no sense to implement that kind of feature in this game. You may submit a bug report at faeria.com/bugs.
Hopefully, this post of yours will also get some attention here, because I’ve never heard of this bug before.

It’s most definitely Not a bug! There are some cards that have an “add random card of same colour” effect. The most common of these are Bloomsprite (green) and Spellwhirl (blue). The “Random” keyword in this case means it picks from the entire card pool, not just your deck.

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I didn’t realise that, although I can’t remember if I used Spellwhirl to draw those cards or not.

The way he described it, it sounded like he drew those cards as part of his normal draw phase, which is why I assumed it was a bug. Spellwhirl adds cards to your hand, and I am not aware of any card that adds random blue cards to your deck, so I guess it all depends on the circumstances of the draw.

Luduan will do it too and it’s less obvious, since it happens at the same time as a draw.
Were they discounted? If so, you possibly had Luduan collecting.