Dust or Keep Magda

Hello all,

I’m new to Faeria, and I got Magda last night from a chest. I read a guide saying she is not that good, but a fun card. I need to craft other cards to get started in the game. I hate dusting Legendary cards, but I’m just starting out in the game.

Any feedback will be most helpful

There is a deck called " Three Wishes" that uses her and she is good in that. That deck is expensive to craft though. I would never dust a legendary. The 80 Memoria you get from dusting her is not worth it. I would say keep her

Thanks for the feedback, and I will not dust her then :slight_smile:

I’ll second Cynic. Sucks to get Magda instead of - say - Aurora or Seifer but it’s just not worth it to dust cards in the long run.

You’ll get cards quickly, don’t despair!

Thanks all, and I hope to get card quickly, but in the mean time I’ll use the starter decks the game gives you haha. I just need to find what type of color I will like playing in Faeria, and focus on some good decks to craft (once I can).