Egg Avatar questions

I have some questions about the Egg Avatar introduced in the last patch.
I already have the Egg Avatar (I got it with the quest of Pandora Opening), but I’m interest in the Dragon Orb.

I linked my Twitch account with Steam.
When can I begin to watch the linked Twitch channels to accumulate my Egg Timer?
Is there a way to see my Egg Timer?
Have I to write some in chat to claim my prize?
When does this event expire?

Thank you.

There will be two streams next saturday, it’s possible watch both and gain prize in both at same time?

The egg timers will be activated shortly before the streams begin, some time just before 4pm CEST.

Nope, but rest assured that as long as your name is present in the channel list, your egg timer increases.

Nope, you need only be present in chat. Typing !egg does nothing, but seems to be popular.

It will expire as soon as the Monthly Cup is over - which is expected to take from 6-8 hours.

Nope, watching both streams does not let you double dip. You only need to watch one to get the maximum Egg Timer increase.