Egg of Scourgeflame

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(See that orange bit? That’s Scourgeflame, and they’re pissed)

I’m not under the impression that this is an especially good deck, just that it’s fun. I tried to make sure the deck wasn’t entirely focused on stalling for the combo (explained below), hence the inclusion of the Gabrian Archon’s, Aurora, and the Humbling Vision’s. Many cards in this deck serve a dual purpose though (Aurora, for example), so I’d like to detail some of the star players that both enable the combo and can help you survive, if not win, without it.

First off, The Combo

Simply put, by combo deck standards, this decks main goal is incredibly cheap to achieve. Not only that, it’s incremental! The drawback of these benefits however is that this isn’t an OTK, so much as it is an OGHAIGGOTO (O.h G.eez H.ow A.m I. G.oing to O.ut of T.his It’s a nasty surprise for what your opponent is likely to perceive as an Aurora’s Dream deck suddenly dealing anywhere from 10 to 18(really unlikely but possible) points of burn damage and lingering for more. Anyways, here how you achieve said “nasty surprise”:

With a Scourgeflame Specter in the deck and some adequately placed lands, play your 1-3 eggs and then a Curious Biomancer.

Faeria Cost-----------------------------------------------------------Failed Experiment Cost
8 = Egg of Wonders (1x5) + Curious Biomancer (3) | 6
13 = Egg of Wonders (2x5) + Curious Biomancer (3) |11
18 = Egg of Wonders (3x5) + Curious Biomancer (3) |16

As noted by the chart, you can use Failed Experiment to force out your Curious Biomancer if you really need the cost reduction, or if you’re lucky enough to have at least one of each of the pieces early on (bearing in mind Curious Biomancer’s 4 special land threshold).

The only other stipulation worth mentioning in this section is Curious Biomancer’s need for your opponent to control one other creature. As you can imagine, this is usually not a problem, but against other control decks it might be the case, so mind your timing.

==Side Note: Big 'Ole Bug==========================================
Upon being summoned from the Egg of Wonders, Scourgeflame Specter is able to move twice. I have no doubt this is not the intended interaction as having haste should only allow it to perform its actions as though normally summoned. If anyone could make Abrakam and the Faeria Team aware of this, I would be very grateful.

Secondly, The Star Players

I’d like to explain the purpose, as well as the multiple applications, behind a few of the key cards in the deck. So in no particular order, here they are:

  • Failed Experiment
    It does what you’d expect from it: cause some Faeria acceleration by allowing you to summon and subsequently kill Stormspawn. However, in this deck it has some additional utility by (as noted above) allowing you to reduce the price of the already cheap combo. It can also act as an emergency tool for playing Dream Keeper, Lore Thief, Aurora, or even Water Elemental if your Egg of Wonders positioning is a bit off.

As a result of all its potential uses in the deck, and because the combo itself isn’t that expensive, I don’t ever recommend using more than one Failed Experiment on Stormspawn, even if it is double the Faeria value.

  • Dream Keeper
    The ever adorable and unique, dream preserving lizard(?) serves mostly to counteract one of the deck’s greatest fears: naturally drawing Scourgeflame Specter. Though its Faeria cost reduction effect is also quite nice, you’re mainly hoping to have this on the off chance you draw both of the decks Scourgeflame Specter. It also can potentially result in Egg of Wonders summoning Scourgeflame Specter (I’ve had it happen ONCE), but I’d never plan on it unless you are very certain you know what creatures remain in your deck, and are willing to risk it summoning a 1/1 Lore Thief. (Though, now that I think about it, pulling some Storm Spawns or activated Gabrian Archons wouldn’t be the worst thing)

Balancing the number of Scourgeflame Specter vs. the number of Dream Keeper was actually a bit of a challenge, as having 1 SS necessitated having 3 DK in case you still drew it and having 3 SS mostly minimized the need for a DK except in the rare case you drew all 3 SS, rendering the combo impossible.

  • Aurora
    She, in all likelihood, will just be used to boost up a Water Elemental or Lore Thief while you wait for the combo pieces to arrive. You might even be able to push your opponent and win on board advantage alone if they happen to be playing a slow enough deck. There is the off-chance though, that you can use her to boost one of your Scourgeflame Specter and really accelerate that burn damage (Failed Experiment can also be a great asset for this).

  • Gabrian Enchantment
    You should use this mostly as a cheap way to accelerate burn damage on the turn you play the combo, but it can be used purely for card draw, or at least as a way to buff Dream Keeper or weaken an enemy creature, if need be.

  • The Beaters/Removal
    Water Elemental, Gabrian Archon, Aurora, Humbling Vision and, occasionally, Gabrian Enchantment, Dream Keeper, Lore Thief, and Stormspawn.

These are the cards which enable the deck to fight back as it readies the combo. Their purpose is self explanatory, but it took a few iterations of the deck before it had this level of protection and synergy.

Thirdly, Closing Thoughts

I mostly just hope this is a fun deck to try out. I was enamored with getting it to work for a whole day, to the near detriment of my school work. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been done before, if not better, but I wanted to share all the thought that went into this deck. This post is also, as mentioned earlier, a way of reporting a bug with Scourgeflame Specter and Egg of Wonders. If fixing that bug is the only thing that comes from this post I’ll still be satisfied.

Here’s hoping the publishing process doesn’t screw up the formatting.


Land type(s): Mountain, Lake, Desert
Faeria cost: 4.4
Difficulty: Intermediate

3x LORE THIEF (3f 2L)
2x STORMSPAWN (10f 2L)
2x WINDFALL (10f 2L)
2x DREAM KEEPER (4f 1L 1M)

A few minutes of research has proven their are way more viable versions of this deck. Compound that with the fact that I forgot to make note of the Bug Report in the title, and I’m pretty disappointed with this post XD.

Looks like a fun deck a link wouldve been cool and saved me some research! XD