Egg. -]

Hi. I just have a quick question about the eggs. On the last 2 events my 'incubator shows empty although my profile says I should have them yet it doesn’t show, is there something else i should be aware of or its just bugged for me. ;O
I havent received chest or pandora coin or anything at all aswell.

Ruunin Seasonal Cup - 2018 340 minutes Pandora Coin , Egg Avatar
Fall of Everlife Invitational 347 minutes Egg Avatar , 1000 Gold , Mythic Chest


Just a quick question…
Is anyone actually reading these forums >.> didn’t think i’ll be the first to reply to my own post k-e-k.

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This forum is a lot less active than I would like, I think it might be the reddit or the discord that is most active.
But unfortunately no one that read your question knew the answer.

Try emailing: