Emote Improvements

At the moment, and I’m sure many others would agree, emotes are very limited and somewhat confusing to new players. Many would expect that buying an avatar would also award its matching emotes; however, this is not the case, and players must instead buy a set from the shop in order to acquire emotes of a certain avatar. I believe emotes should be more widely offered instead of affiliated with avatars, and as for this, there would be more customization and options. Moreover, the shop should have a section to buy new emotes, those being ones like “Good game,” “Holy yak,” and forms of BM like “Thanks.” With no general chat in-game, Faeria players should at least have the freedom of choosing which emotes they’d like no matter the avatar they’re using. Furthermore, new players won’t experience the confusion of buying a krog avatar while expecting new emotes but not receiving them. Thanks for reading and any thoughts on the subject are appreciated!


Not sure on this, but I think you can get the emotes through the golden chests too :slight_smile:
So you have to have luck but you dont actually need to buy the sets

I haven’t seen anyone report getting emotes in a Mythic Chest, just reporting disappointment that they got an avatar that should have emotes but doesn’t.

I agree that the emote system is really lacklustre at the moment.


Yep it is. I mean I own every peace of the Aurora’s​ set except the avatar and emotes. I love to support Faeria and bought some useless thing just to do it but paying those two items 7500 gems (or 11x000 gold) isn’t really appealing. xD

They should diminish the sets price according to the parts we already own. :frowning:

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So do you only can get the emotes through buying the set?
Or can you buy golden chests too and hope to get them?
I’m not sure.

But I totally support the idea of having the set price reduced by the amount of cosmetics you already have :slight_smile:

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I agree with what you said. The current emote selection is atrocious, and confusing. For instance, while most people use “Greetings” to mean “Hi”, some seem to use it as a threat when they come close. While “Well played” is often used to mean “Nice playing with you, but you are defeated”, sometimes, especially with the veteran players, it literally means “well played”. To avoid the confusion, we need at least 2 more Default emotes: “Goodbye” and “Grrr…” (as a general threat). And possibly also “Nice move!”

It would be really nice if we could buy full emote sets separately from the shop, with gems and gold.

While I do agree with the sentiment, I cannot agree with the choice of emotes. Well played relies it’s meaning well enough I feel, and it’s easy enough to discern if it’s used literally or as GM GG - since after the other one, there is a final hit to the face. Maybe just make it possible to emote out of destroyed orb, so you can also GM GG without a FPS quickdraw experience. “Goodbye” is just BM and it’s redundant to GM GG. Grrrr is… weird.

I would much rather see “Sorry!” for all this times you suddenly gotta go or don’t notice you didn’t click turn button and “Thanks!” for all them weird mistakes and missplays. Of for getting your third frogify baited.

Well Played is everyone’s favourite emote. My suggestions are meant to supplement it, not replace it. “Grrr” is meant to be a threatening growl, enabling you to growl back if you wish. “You will not survive” is overly specific, has no possible reply and feels like rubbing it in for a person who already knows they are losing.

As for your suggestions: “Sorry” doesn’t make it clear what exactly you are apologizing for. By pressing Enter you can already type exactly what you want and explain yourself (or is this for friends only?). “Thanks” should be “Thanks for playing”. Using this word with an exclamation mark to mean “You’ve made a mistake” seems like mockery. There’s already a “That was a mistake” emote, perfect for both these situations (confusingly called “Oops” in the list).