Enigma #55 broken due changes of earthcraft

plz someone of the tech suport, tell me that this will be fixed… can I get refound? I really need the money to proceed. :frowning:

so you can put one land hold and put another one… facepalm…

It’s all good. We’ve all had those moments

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sadly no tutorial… I am noob at this game… but not in card games in general.

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What else have you played?

magic the gathering (including all old digital versions and arena), hearthstone, duelyst, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, eternal, infinity wars and some others that I can’t remember right now.

That is quite the resumé. I’ve done MTG, some Yu-Gi-Oh, Dominion and thunderstone, scrolls, and now faeria. Scrolls is probably the most like faeria that I’ve played. I love it. I was thinking about trying duelyst, but wasn’t sure.

sure, you should try duelyst, I really have no idea about how balanced is the game right now. I had some realistic issues with nerfs in this game, they buffed pretty fast decks and nerfed the “fat” ones, equivalents to any “ramp” strategy, I really desagreed with a lot of changes so I quited. MTG arena is broken at moment, I played a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh (but the game is total chaos xD), and so far I like of how Faeria don’t screw me for free play. And don’t limit how much I “win” by day… I really HATE with passion when TCGs think they can get away using the facebook game model… I really like to play a bunch one day and not the other, keep things fresh. If you want we could try duelyst together. I am pretty much as noob as anyone starting today at the game lol.

That would be cool. I’ve always been interested in card games that do something different. I’m keeping my eye on a new one coming out that’s being developed by valve which looks really interesting. But I could give duelyst a whirl. PM me your steam name and I’ll friend you.