Epic Tierlist

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Tier Explanation
S Excellent.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.


Tier Card Name
S Azure Skywhale
A The Emperor’s Command
B Divine Guardian
B Imperial Drain
B Crystal Flower
B- Yakkapult
B- King’s Faithful
B- Daring Adventurer
C+ Yak Attack
C+ Royal Judge
C Unlikely Hero
C Imperial Engineer
C Cartographer
D+ Siege Engine
D Hunted Outlaw
D Fortune Hunter


Tier Card Name
S Earthcraft
A Ruunin’s Guidance
A Deepwood Stalker
B Ruunin’s Messenger
B Ruunin’s Shrine
B- Gift of the Rakoa
B- Flowersilk Faerie
B- Seed of Paradise
C+ Feral Kodama
C God Hunter
C- Possessed Ursus
C- Voice of Hunger
D Faeria Tree
D Ruunin’s Presence
D Weeping Idol


Tier Card Name
S Mirror Phantasm
B+ Dream Reaver
B Aurora’s Creation
B- Failed Experiment
C+ Aurora’s Trick
C Luduan
C Triton Chef
C- Wavecrafter
C- Gemsilk Faerie
D+ Gabrian Cistern
D+ Illusion of Grandeur
D+ Tale of the Old Turtle
D Egg of Wonders


Tier Card Name
S Groundshaker
A Bomb Slinger
A Firestorm
B Crumbling Golem
B- Hellfire
C Bloodstone Sprite
C Lord of Terror
C- Flame Thrower
C- Krog’s Dinner
D+ Cannon Carrier
D Architect
D Flamesilk Faerie
D Meteor


Tier Card Name
A Iona’s Smile
A- Choking Sand
B Flash Salmon
B Shaytan Assassin
B- Wind Gate
C+ Oradrim Sagittarius
C+ Annoying Gnat
C+ Shaytan Monstrosity
C Windborne Champion
C Golden Aviary
C- Doomsday
D+ Sunsilk Faerie
D+ Desert Twister
D Altar of Souls


Tier Card Name
S Frog Tosser
A+ Crackthorn Beast
A+ Soul Eater
B+ Oversky Towship
B- Twinsoul Spirit
B- Flight of the Mantas
C+ Emerald Salamander
C Skyward Swordfish
C Dream Keeper
D+ Three Wishes
D+ Apex Predator
D Icerock Behemoth

Great guide, Reath! This is really helpful to see them all ranked cleanly in one list. Definitely helps me decide how to invest my memoria. Thanks for taking the time and effort on this!