Eredon's Vengeance (Buff-Green Package) can go with other part of green, or other color. (This isn't a full deck ,its a buff-part of one)

1x Fortune Hunter
1x Tiki Totem
1x Oakling
2x Ancient Beastmaster
Eredon, Voice of All
1x Elderwood Hermit
2 Soulbound Sagami

Green- Midrange Package (Goes well with buff package)
2x Living Willow
2x Deepwood Grizzly
3x Thyrian Golem
2x Earthcraft

that puts you at 18 cards, the other 12 are highly optional, I take a lot more midrange green so iend up as a green-midrange buff deck, but these 2 packages can be run fairly well with a Red-Combat package if you change out the 3 thyrian golem for 1 more grizzly and 2 Ancient Boar to be less forest-heavy.