Error in german card text of "Saatsetzer"

Just got the game and this card comes up during the tutorial and first missions and yet its description is buggy. Not a great first impression guys…

Just found the same error in the german cards “Taiga-Forscher” and “Savennen-Forscher”

This really sucks!

Hi and welcome to Faeria. They changed the word forest on cards to the corresponding icon in a recent patch. I guess it is not even known there is an issue with other languages, because most people play in english. I dont know how much is gonna happen the rest of the year, but i guess this will be fixed rather sooner than later. I would recommend joining their Discord, because you can directly contact the devs there and furthermore theres allways someone to help you with questions or a co-op game.

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Hi folks, I bought the game yesterday and I have the exact same problem on a few cards. The icon cannot be displayed on the cards, instead it shows the weird text shown in the screenshot above. I think its a translation problem… hope this will be fixed soon, so I can play in my native language.

I can confirm there is no mistakes in French. As #general-de is kinda dead, i can imagine german translator to be missing ^^

Dont really think its a translator problem. Seems like they just missed the intial < in their shortcode for the icon on some cards… I found some more in the meantime… but I guess it should be very easy to fix. Hope they will do it soon.

The game is nice besides this. It just feels weird seeing this kind of bug so early in the game. Makes you think that there are plenty of bugs ahead and this ruins a lot of the fun.

One of those moments:

Just saw they got a new patch on steam - maybe they have already fixed it

------- can they really be so fast???

-----would be awesome ----


Come on guys - do you do this on purpose??? :wink:

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Again there isn’t any bugs in french translation, I think it’s more about german being used by none. (so no one noticed ^^). Sorry about that. If you are good in english you can put your game in english to have 0 bugs. Or you can ask Atmaz to help with german translation.

I reported this issue with screenshots on the official support site. No answer yet.

The magic happens on discord^^ you can find the link in game. (one day link)

Thx for the discord link. I´ve put the issue there and got the immediate answer, that this issue will be fixed with the next patch.

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The problem is solved since last friday. Got a message from a developer and checked it today. The text is now correct.

Thx for the info - I will check later!
I have not gotten any answer at all to my bug report I sent with the official bug report formular…

Me neither. I only got my answer on facebook, where I contacted the devs parallel.