ETA on next balance patch?

I’m slowly starting to consider competing on the ranked constructed ladder, but I am still missing a lot of key cards.

One of the moderator on discord said the balance patch was on hold because developpers didn’t want to mess with last weekend’s tournament. Now that the tournament is over and since the next open qualifier is in a couple of days, can we expect the next balance patch soon?

That way, I’ll finally be able to disenchant the cards I dont need for my 3 decks and I’ll be able to throw myself into some deck building algorithms.

Well, If I would be you, I would either buy the collection or just keep all the cards. As you said the balance patch is close and who knows wich card will be buffed/used in the new meta after those change. If I we’re you I’d hold a week or two after the patch to disenchant anything as it would be frustrating to craft a card you disenchanted.

The point is that there is a full refund during a week for cards that were nerfed with the patch. So he’s keeping them just in case they become the card to have in your deck, or something like that I guess.

Exactly what Foxclear said.

The cards I need : I will indeed craft. But I dont have the required dust to craft everything I want. Also, nothing tells me if the card I want wont get touched by the patch (and thus, wont get full dust refund when disenchanted) and another card will take its spot in my wishlist (and thus, I will need to craft those cards as well… but too bad for me, I already spent my dust on the other non 100% refundable card).

The cards I dont need : I can’t disenchant them now, because they might give me a full refund value after the patch.

So, in other words, I can’t craft now and I can’t disenchant now either. The open qualifier are in about 2 weeks … I’d like to get things moving a little more. As for paying for a full collection, I made it a personnal thing to never pre-order a game or buy one that is unfinished. There are still MANY features missing from Faeria and altho I’m having some fun right now, I’m keeping my money and will probably buy the full collection only when they’ll stop saying the game is still in developpement everytime I log in.

There is also something rewarding by staying “Free to play”, especially since many card games are considered “Pay to win”. I’d like to see how far I go while limiting myself to the free 20ish booster I had when I bought the game for about 13$.

Also, I’d like to know how much time I have to go rank god with Yrush before it gets its deserved hit by the nerf bat :smiley: