Event Horizon (Getting Lucky)

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An all events deck I made as a meme.

Mulligan for Hold the Line and Blood Song.
if you’re going first it’s hilarious to +1 turn 1 to confuse the hell out of your opponent so you can HTL and play both guards turn 2.

Land type(s): Neutral, Mountain
Faeria cost: 4.1
Difficulty: Advanced

3x HOLD THE LINE! (1f)
3x YAK ATTACK (9f)
3x FAMINE (2f)
3x WISDOM (3f)
3x FLAME BURST (3f 2M)
3x FIRESTORM (6f 3M)
3x OGRE DANCE (4f 2M)
3x BLOOD SONG (4f 2M)
3x HELLFIRE (7f 2M)