Excited for new adventure pouch! unFAQ

Hello again, devs!
Wanted to express my excitement for the game so far, and the pouch coming in May. I’ve got some questions that I couldn’t find an answer to in the FAQ (or on reddit):

  1. Can you purchase the coming missions with gold?
  2. Does the ($8.99) pouch pack open access to purchasing the coming missions with gold? Or is strictly the card back, the give-away entry, and the 6 (16?) cards?
  3. Do both packs give you 1 copy of each card (total 6), or the max number of cards (total 16)?
  4. I love the co-op idea, and I’m interested in the bonus dailies that were mentioned. Does this mean we’ll have two dailies (if we have the pack) each reset? It would imply faster chest generation, which I’m all for.

I’d also like to thank you guys for considering the competitive scene by not gating the new cards behind the pouch. If people just want to face other people, if they’re not that interested in the lore, or they just don’t have time to run through the side missions, they’re not being punished for it.


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The Adventure Pouch itself, when it launches, will only be purchasable with Gems, as it ties together cosmetics and special events (such as the Limited Co-Op Boss Battle). However, you will still be able to spend Gold instead of Gems to unlock the Adventure Pouch’s new Co-Op Campaign, as well as more that is still to be revealed. Once again, we promise that there won’t be any cards that you can’t collect as a F2P player.

This is from the Faeria Friday post about the Oversky, which should answer 1 and 2.

As someone who has purchased the pioneer pouch, I can confirm that you get three of each card.

Hopefully this answers your questions if you were sill looking!

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