Exiting game issue/ Some card suggestions

Hi guys,

I found out that exiting the game doesn’t automatically surrender the match, and forces the opponent to wait for 2 minutes. I think it should automatcially concede because no one quits the game by mistake, especially when it double checks if really want to quit.

And here are some cards I want to see in the future.

  1. More cards to deal damage to structures.
  2. Creatures that gain stat buff/ability while on a specific land. ex) gain jump ability while on a lake tile
  3. Harvester that collect two faerias from a well.
  4. Cards that force the opponent to draw too many cards.
  5. Traps. ex) activated when a creature is on the trap. Disable the creature to move for 2 turns.

Hi Chlee,

That surrender thing is a good point - but occasionally you want to restart (say due to glitches) then rejoin the game. It’d be a good idea to ask the player if they want to surrender - say have a tickbox on the exit screen asking if you want to surrender (which should default to yes).

There’s a tool for designing cards - Faeria card creator. It’s pretty easy to use, and you can save them to your computer and then just use the forum upload tool (just above the message textbox).

  1. There’s a few structure damaging cards (emperor’s command + some red ones) - but nothing exclusively anti-structure.
  2. There’s almost no cards that care about the land they’re on except when being summoned (a couple let you teleport to specific colored lands). I agree it’d be nice to add some cards of this kind.
  3. Storyteller is the best card for that at the moment.
  4. How would you do this? Hidden traps? You’d probably need to add a whole new card type, which would be a major change.

You mean exiting exactly pressing the “Exit” button from settings during a match and confirming with “Yes”, not killing the game process by o.s. functions I suppose. So in the first case clearly the player want to abandon the current match, so yep, it should be considered a surrender for me too. In case of glitches not yet fixed as Xaxazak was noticing, the player can still kill the process and restart the game in that case.

In the second case (Alt+F4, task manager, …) the game stops network communication instantly so the server waits in case of an eventual crash, letting him rejoin the match.

About your good ideas:
1-2-4. there are already cards like those at the moment: neutral card The Emperor’s command, blue Mystic Beast, red Axe Grinder, neutral Storyteller. Anyway consider that having more than 3 instances of a specif ability set in your deck will make it very vulnerable to many different other decks archetype you can encounter (you’ll always have casual opponents). Also structures aren’t supposed to be easily removed without a direct attack in general (no movement, no retaliation). Anyway the mechanic of changing ability based on the actual land where the creature is, it’s really a great idea for me.

  1. there are really a lot of cards to produce extra faeria for all the factions in the game, so exploiting more the well could be quite redundant to be honest.

  2. every card played is visible to the opponent and particularly its positioning, so the trap concept can’t work really in this design of the game. We could anyway talk about new structures with new classes of abilities to implement the effect of the traps. That also is a very interesting idea i think :slight_smile:

Thank you for your opinions.

I never thought structures that way, and now I agree with you.

The card creator tool is gonna be very handy. Designing card is always fun, and that’s what I do most ot time while playing Faeria instead of focusing on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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