Expansion Question

Hi, i’m just wondering if there is any way you can buy the new fall of everlife expansion with f2p currency? Don’t get me wrong, I would gladly pay for it if I could but i’m still in the age where my parents decide over my minor financial decisions so just wondering if that is a possibility like with the oversky expansion. Thanks in advance :smile:

All the expansions are for real money only. When the first Faeria expansion, Oversky, came out, paying with in-game currency Was an option, but this quickly led to a situation where Everyone had the expansion cards. They don’t want this to happen again.

The Oversky cards are now included in the base game. If you haven’t got the base game already, buy it, it’s worth it! If you are undecided about whether to spend the $13 on the Premium upgrade or the Fall of Everlife expansion, get the upgrade - you can always get the expansion later, and there are plenty of older decks without the new cards. The new cards are still available to try out in Pandora mode - you just don’t get to keep them.

On second thought, base game + upgrade = $37, which is only $3 less than the All-in Pack. So buy that.

If you have the base game already and can’t afford to spend any more, just wait. There’s nothing in the upgrade or the expansion which will put you at a disadvantage for not having them.

The future expansions will most probably cost the same as Fall of Everlife, and will come out once every 2 months - the devs confirmed that release schedule.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a bunch :smiley: