Expansion release?

Hi ho all faeria player.

I don’t play much on Faeria actually cause i’m boring about meta and no android app (maybe i will play a little to test the patch meta).

I’m just thinking about a stupid thing : do you think we will really have an expansion to coming or it’s a fake ?

I know Atmaz show us some art concept but i start to don’t be confident about the reality of this.

They said for us since month and month that android app and expansion are coming but for every question the answer is “No ETA yet”.
Yes it’s a small team but it start to look strange for me.

Did they hope us the spend some money in the game before it die and don’t say us that the game will close soon ?

Sorry for that post, i know it’s a little agressive question but i become mistrustful after a lot of deception like that (yes i’m talking to you Duel of Champion …).

Thx for your answer and sry for my english!

It is worth noting that art tends to be quite expensive to make and produce, so if they have it, you can be certain that they want to use it too.

Oki. I hope you’re right :slight_smile: