Extreme Server issues?

So maybe it’s only me, but I can hardly play a single game without losing connection to the server. Sometimes I can get right back in, but sometimes I can’t even log in anymore for 1-2 minutes. This is very frustrating since I already payed 8 Euros for the game and cannot enjoy it…

Please fix this <3

Hello Senfgurke!
It seems like the servers had some issues today, this was posted in #announcements on Discord:

Gareth (SeeMeScrollin) - Yesterday at 1:08 PM
@here We’re aware that players are currently experiencing issues with the game, the devs are beavering (or yaking) away to resolve it… sorry for the inconvenience.

Emener - Yesterday at 1:33 PM
@here The server issues should now be solved ! We apologize once again for the inconvenience.

Have you had problems only today or is it reoccuring?

i have the same issues from time to time.
installed it today, 10th August 2016 over steam

I am able to login just fine, but I am not able to play any games. I tried Solo Campaign, and could not play. It would come up with the Versus window after about 30 seconds and then would say Game cancelled because the other player did not respond in time. I also had the same issue when trying to Battle in an Unranked match.

The developers are working hard on resolving the issue! The amount of players online are up by almost 1000% compared to how it usually is, because of the free2play-day on Steam :slight_smile: Hopefully it will get fixed real soon!

Thank you for your patiance!