F2P deck for Aurora's Dream

I just opened an Aurora’s Dream and I want to put it in a deck! What are some good decks I can use it in? I am a f2p player so please keep that in mind.

guess you have to use it the same way the 3rd blue tutorial AI did.
3 windfall to reach the mana requiered
spellwhirl n lore thief for the draw

i would think bout windstorm coloss, cause even if you dont draw him in these 9 cards, you play so many events that he ll be at 4 mana.

“day of the dragons” if you re lucky enough to get it.^^

any high cost card but with low land requierment.

tarum the forset world could be funny if you draw him n the combo n a kill effect early enough, play 3 oceans n 5 forests, combo, play tarum n kill him, 2 have forest everywhere xD

Try to add a lot of expensive cards and a few cheap harvesters to reach the Faeria-cost quickly! and hope for the best :slight_smile:
Let us know how it goes!!

Well I opened an Aurora’s Creation, Apex predator, runnins shrine, and 2 primeval collosus. So, I decided to dust my legendaries and craft Apex combo! So far its very good for quests, but too scared to try it out on ladder and have all my (Aurora’s) dreams crushed :slight_smile:

I call it: Aurora’s Apex
Feed the Forest x3

Spring Mochi x2

Water Elemental x1

Wood Elemental x2

Lore Thief x3

Ruunin’s Shrine x1

Apex Predator x3

Windfall x3

Stormspawn x2

Primeval Colossus x3

Living Willow x3

Aurora’s Dream x1

Aurora’s Creation x3