Factions instead of Colors

Four Type of Cards with different themes, Why the Devs went with “Colors” instead of factions?

-It will allow for establishing a lore and background story “Universe” around the main characters and other minions in each faction “color” which in turn makes the experience more appealing.
-The other point would be the solo experience for that matter more fun

  • New expansions will build up on the core lore buy adding new cards and characters which will be meaningful and relate to those factions.

I say this because it’s a first hand experience I downloaded the game yesterday. Played 7 hrs straight bought the starter gems package and the expansion package. TBH just to support the development for the game.
Some other stuff could be enhanced in with future patches like Advance filter for deck-building and crafting.
Golden legendary Cards are bad “plain and dry”, ornaments are exaggerated and no art animation. I disenchanted two golden legendaries and 7 normal ones. The regular Cards have more appeal.
I’m not gonna talk about the cards balance or the mechanics mostly because I didn’t find any balance issues so far and I really enjoy the new mechanics.
Probably most of these points have been mentioned previously. My two cents on the game.

Factions are an RPG mechanic. In CCGs, colours are more traditional, so the devs probably decided “not to reinvent the wheel” The new Oversky expansion, coming out this summer (preorders open until 9 May, see the Adventure Pouch section of this site) will introduce a new co-op mode, with boss battles, making things a bit more RPG-like.[quote=“Adnan_D, post:1, topic:6372”]
Some other stuff could be enhanced in with future patches like Advance filter for dick-building and crafting.

I do hope you meant "dEck building. :smile: This is one of the most requested features, so it might be introduced soon.

Faeria has mobile phone versions. iOS is already out, Android coming soon. So the system requirements need to be kept as low as possible.

I’m glad you are enjoying the game!

“Why colours instead of factions?”
In a nutshell, it’s because within each colour there are subgroups of cards as according to the established lore of the game (yes, there is one already). For example, in green there are Tikis, Sagamis, Ruunin’s bunch, and a few others. These are the “factions” you’re looking for, and they coexist in their respective colours.