Faeria Academy: Chapter 1 - Cards and Keywords

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Faeria Academy: Chapter 1 - Cards and Keywords

Faeria Academy is a series of articles to help new players get started with Faeria. Faeria combines the pace of modern digital card games with a living board, creating a dynamic and exciting element unique to the game. The goal of the Academy is to ease beginners into all aspects of Faeria, starting with the basics and eventually moving on to more advanced concepts. Each article will supply further resources for helping you on the subjects covered, such as other articles and videos.

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Chapter 1 - Cards and Keywords

To start off the Faeria Academy we will learn about the basics of any card game. We are going to look at the information found on a card in Faeria along with an explaination of all keywords. Faeria shares popular keywords that are used in other card games but also has a range of unique and exciting abilities. Let’s start with card information.

Card Types

Faeria cards have three types; Creatures, Events and Structures.

Creatures have two major roles in Faeria; warriors and harvesters. Warriors are used to combat other creatures and deal damage directly to your opponent. Harvesters are creatures that focus on collecting Faeria from the wells.

Events are cards you play from your hand that have an impact in the game. There are a huge variety of different events from dealing damage, creating creatures and gaining Faeria.

Structures are immobile cards that have abilities you can activate or trigger when certain things happen. Structures can’t move (unless it’s a Wind Gate but he’s a cheater!) and only have a Life stat. This means Structures can’t attack but can be damaged and destroyed.

Faeria Cost

The top left of every card will display it’s Faeria cost. You pay for these cards with the Faeria you’ve stored during the course of a match. Some cards can have their cost reduced through card effects and even cost zero Faeria!

Ancient Herald has an ability that changes the cost of the next card you draw. This reduction will be displayed clearly on the card in game. There are several other cards that can affect the Faeria cost of your creature within in the Core Set.

Land Cost

Faeria cards can belong to four colours or neutral. In order to play a card of a colour you will have to create land on the game board to summon them. Keep in mind that coloured creatures can only be summoned on the land of their colour. The number represents how many lands you need to summon the creature. Living Willow will need two forests on board and he must be summoned on a forest tile.

Neutral cards don’t require any coloured lands to be summoned. They can be played on any land tile. Some creatures require two land types to summon. Icerock Behemoth requires three lakes and three mountains to be summoned but can be played on both mountains and lake.

When naming decks it is common for players to use letters in their deck titles to tell the readers what colours are used.

G = Forests
R = Mountains
Y = Deserts
B or U = Lakes (U comes from Magic the Gathering to separate Blue from Black. Some Faeria players still use this)

In the first episode of Deck Doctor I played a Green Blue Enchantment deck or in short: G/B Enchantment.

Attack and Life

All creatures have an Attack and Life number displayed on the card. When a creature takes damage to its Life the damage will remain until it is destroyed.

Creatures can have zero attack but never zero life. Court Jester can still attack creatures but would deal zero damage to their life. Structures don’t have an attack number but have life. Creatures can attack structures like they would attack another creature.

Card Text

Many cards in Faeria have abilities and keywords. Events are a bit simpler because their card text is often self-explanatory. However, creatures can have a range of keywords that help make Faeria a more exciting experience. The video featured in this guide goes through every keyword in the game with a short example of their interactions.

Card Rarity

Every card has a rarity which is valued by the colour of the gem on the card. Each colour also has a Memoria value (currency used to craft cards) with Legendary’s being the rarest in the game. You can acquire cards from Battle Chests using Gold and Gems or by crafting them with Memoria.


That wraps up everything you need to know about the cards in Faeria. If you’d like to take a browse of all the cards available you can check them out in the crafting section of your game. Alternatively you can view all the cards when creating a deck in our Deck Builder on The Hub.

There are plenty of ways to get cards and gold in Faeria. At the end of every season players are rewarded for their skills in both Battle and Pandora mode.

[You can find out how to get Gold, Battle Chests and cards here.]((https://www.faeria.com/the-hub/guide/9-how-to-earn-gold-chests-and-cards “You can find out how to get Gold, Battle Chests and cards here.”)

What’s the difference between normal cards and mythics cards? I got two card of a creature which are the same type, but one has more shiny appearance, the properties of both cards seems to be the same…

Mythic cards are cosmetic only, they look shiny but don’t do anything different. You can disenchant(sell) them for 5 times more blue crystals than normal cards to craft(buy) the cards you want.

So the only actual use of mythic cards are for disenchanting? That’s… …lame.
Maybe the developers are planning some other use for them in the future? I really hope so… I’ll just keep them for now…

Mythic cards just disenchant for more, they’re basically like shiny pokemon but have a disposable use.

(Oh, and if they added some sort of buff then games would essentially be decided on who has more mythic cards, and then with everything having some sort of buff then competitive and casual play would both collapse.)