Faeria and how i feel about it after a long break

Hey to everyone! Some might recall my name from the VERY early days of the game when it was a flash game, some may recall my name from the earlier days of this version. I am what you would call a Veteran of the game from basically “Day 1” on. I of course am a backer and steam shows no less than 970 hours played, hundreds of hours on the old flash-servers not taken into account. I havent had played the game in months, maybe a year except for a few brief visits. I missed the oversky expansion, and a lot of cards, a lot of balancing and talks and what so ever…
Why am I writing this right now? Because I thought it would be interesting to hear what a “new” “old” player thinks about the game right now. Is that interesting? Well lets hope so :slight_smile:

First of all, visually a lot happened and I also like it a lot. Period.

Lets make this a short listing of pros and cons now rather than a wall of text. I will of course go deeper into everything that grasps someones interest but I wont write it for nobody right now :smiley:


-The board is still such a cool thing
-The monetary system is totally fine for new players

  • The pace of the game suits me very well as long as I have the time. I basically like it.
  • The Art of the cards is awesome
  • the community is the best of any game i ever played in my whole life. Where are all those cancer trolls and idiots? Surely not playing this game :slight_smile:
    -i like the amount of skill required in comparison to other card games. It feels like I am ranked where I am because of how good I am.


  • When the game was on flash it was way worse, BUT it was an atmospheric milestone. It had something magical about itself. It was more like…i dont know - i mean there was sound, but not really Music. There was such a feeling about the game, the units and everything that I can hardly put into words…and well, that is totally gone. Thats what I wanna adress here.
  • It was a Pro and is a Con as well: The pacing. Games are too long. Not that i would mind at home, but it will be a big problem on mobile devices and is already a big problem with potential new players. They wont see how good the game is because they quit before that experience.
    -where are my kickstarter special lands? :wink: Its about time.


I started in March after official release. Am curious about how the game used to be, the day/night system and how it looked seem really cool. Was interesting to read how you find it now.

This game is too hard for those people. XD

Do you mean pandora or constructed? I agree pandora games can be extremely long.

That issue has been raised by other players for constructed too, there were some discussion about a new timing system involving time banks and shortening the time per turn, but only among players. The devs never mentioned anything on the topic as far as I know. I guess the flip side is the game has too much information for new players to handle if time per turn is shortened, but time bank should work…

Cappuccino’s suggestion:

There’s a link below Cappu’s post to another thread discussing the issue too.