Faeria Black Friday: Autumn Steam Sale

Faeria is on sale! Also, new Seasonal Card backs, and addressing some recent issues involving the Dragon’s Lair.

Autumn Steam Sale

Happy Black Friday!

Through November 27th, all individual Faeria products other than Elements are now 35% off!

The Premium Bundle is now non-dynamic, and is also 35% off!

If there’s something you’re missing in Faeria, it may be the right time to pick it up - or get it for a friend that happens to like yaks.

Season cardbacks

The current season’s cardbacks you can earn through Ranked and Pandora mode can be found below.

This season ends on Monday, December 3rd!

Balance patch

In the near future, we will begin working on a more complete balance patch, With this week’s Dragon’s Lair update we addressed Bloated Toad, but have our eyes on a few other issues we’d like to adjust.

Keep an eye out for more news in this area.

Verification email issues

Over the past few days, the email verification issues we’ve been experiencing on new accounts should now be resolved.

If you were experiencing this issue, the next time the prompt comes up for verification - it should work just fine.

Bug fixes coming

We’re aware of a few issues since the Dragon’s Lair update that we plan to fix on Monday. These issues include problems with Dragons taking no action for several turns, Daily Quest progress not advancing in solo Dragon missions, avatar emote issues, and being unable to purchase Daily Deals if not having over the original price in shards.

Thank you for all your reports!

Guides and Videos

Faeria Voice Acting Auditions

Matrien puts his voice to a selection of Neutral cards. What do you think?

Aquablad’s Videos

Decks of the Week

Featured Decks

Upcoming tournaments

The next $400 Championship League tournament takes place tomorrow!

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