Faeria Champions League

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Faeria Champions League

Hello everyone, we are DeskopT and Beberto. We are originally from Venezuela, S. America. We currently live in Las Vegas, NV.

We have played Faeria for a while now and we really enjoy the game. We have decided to organize a tournament with a real money ($) prize weekly, plus in-game gold provided by Abrakam.

DeskopT and Beberto will rotate as tournament hosts.

#When will the next tournament take place:

Faeria Champions League #3 will be scheduled for April 14.

#How often will Faeria Champions League take place?

Every Friday, Weekly.

#What time is Faeria Champions League?

1:00 PM - Pacific Time

4:00 PM - Eastern Time

9:00 PM - Central European Time

#What are the Tournament Rules?

Check-in will begin one hour before the scheduled date and time. You are responsible for checking in before the tournament starts, otherwise you will be disqualified.

All matches will be Best of One (BO1), except for the Final, which will be Best of Three (BO3). We believe 3 matches is appropriate to determine the winner of the real money prize.

  • **BO1 **- Use any deck of your choice. You must use that same deck all tournament. Record your own results on battlefy.com, report if any discrepancy.

  • Final BO3 - only 3 decks allowed for the FINAL. The deck you used for BO1 matches must be included in the final for BO3, in any order of your choice.

The Final will be transmitted through our twitch channels.

Record your own results, report if any discrepancy.

You will be disqualified if you are found cheating.

#What are the tournament prizes?

Huge thanks to Abrakam, Atmaz, Causalidad for being able to provide the in-game gold. Huge thanks to ourselves for the real money :).

  • **If there are 8+ participants registered: **

1st place: $5 Real Money, 2500 in-game gold;
2nd place: 1000 in-game gold

  • If there are 16+ participants registered:

1st place: $5 Real Money, 5000 in-game gold;
2nd place: 2500 in-game gold

  • If there are 32+ participants registered :

1st place: $10 Real Money, 10000 in-game gold;
2nd place: 5000 in-game gold

Who can participate in it?

Anyone with a computer, iPad, electronic device with Faeria and access to the internet. This is a free tournament. It is capped so the maximum amount of players allowed will be 128, so register in advance.

How are brackets organized?

Brackets will be single elimination. They are randomly seeded. We will use 128 players cap, although,the number of registered players will shape the cap so brackets aren’t hurt with a bunch of BYE(empty slots) players. The number of players can be 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128. The number of players registered in the tournament will adapt the tournament cap. Our goal is to have this tournament full every week, but if we can’t do this, we will fix the brackets accordingly.

#Why are you guys doing this ?

We love the game and decided to organize a fun tournament that we can all enjoy. We play the tournament ourselves. We enjoy by playing and watching others play.
The reason we decided to make this tournament weekly is because we want to keep people excited coming back every week.
Also, since we are basically contributing $5-10$ out-of-pocket, if we make the tournament every week we would have donated around $500 in a year to the Faeria community, which we can afford. Hopefully :slight_smile:

How do I receive my real money prize or gold?

If you are the winner of Faeria Champions League, you will need a PayPal account to receive the real money prize. We are not responsible if you can’t receive money through PayPal. We may make different arrangements but it must be reasonable. The gold will be sent as soon as it is provided by Abrakam.

Why Faeria “Champions League”?

We like football, and we love watching the Champions League. We felt like Faeria needed a Champions League so here it is! Enjoy!

How can I contact you?

  • ***Tournament’s Discord: ***
  • Twitch Channels:

  • Battlefy:

We encourage you to join our discord channel so that you can contact us if you need to before, during or after a tournament. You can also contact us through our twitch channels, battlefy.com

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