Faeria Classic TTS Mod

Through the magic of Tabletop Simulator, the time available from quarantine, and internet archive services I’ve managed to fully recreate the old game in a Tabletop Simulator Workshop Mod. I have also created a Discord dedicated to it for the purposes of collecting feedback and setting up games.

I will be streaming an introduction game at 11 AM Eastern Time(US) Saturday, May 2 at https://www.twitch.tv/arseface17. Do not follow or subscribe, I rarely if ever stream and am only doing this to serve as a tutorial. I will however answer any questions while I’m there.

And finally, to celebrate the revival of a game I have missed for 6 years. I will be hosting a swiss-style tournament on the 23rd. Signups begin on the 9th and will be on the Discord.

The grand prize will be all of the Faeria online card expansion DLCs and the opportunity to play a Bo3 against me. If you win the Bo3 you get an all in game+DLC bundle instead. If you already own these, I can purchase an alternate Game/DLC on Steam of your choosing up to the value of the prize.