Faeria deck building app

Hey developers and players - first off want to say Great Game. I have about 15 hours so far and I love it. Few issues - like gold rewards being kind of crap. I’m sure most things have been covered in someway , even perhaps what I’m about to bring up.

I was on the toilet earlier and I think to myself " man I could be building a deck and learning cards right now". So I search Google play for faeria and find nothing.
I think some sort of app that allows a person to build mock decks would be very popular. Maybe somewhere sort of steam link so it can take said persons actual decks - then let’s them modify and learn new cards while on the go.

Is something like this in the game plan? Maybe it already exists and I overlooked it?
I’m no coder so I have no idea how hard it would be to develop. Just an older gamer who has recently stumbled apon this gem .

Much love all


What exactly do you mean by mock decks? If you want to make decks for others to use, these forums have “The Hub.”

By mock decks , I mean an easier way to modify and build your own, a quicker and direct way that can be done while on the go - with a specialised interface that gives you a simpler way to study and test potential builds , no need to share it with anyone - or if a player chooses , they can upload the deck to The Hub through the app itself