Faeria Dev Interviews

Hi all!

I’m the current podcast host for GalaCollider’s ‘GalaCast’ podcast. We were thrilled to have Jiem from the Faeria team on our 11th episode!

I wanted to share the episode with you here, and also ask if there have been many other interviews with people of the awesome Abrakam team? Would love to hear more about how Faeria was conceived and developed.

You can listen to Jiem’s interview on GalaCast Ep11 at http://galacollider.com/podcast/
Or on iTunes:

Cheers everyone!


The guy in the studio is hilarious, he has no clue how to play the game. He has opinions on how to design it Nonetheless . WOW


I thought it was borderline insulting to the lead designer Jean-Michel Vilain. :smiley:
I would at least expect him to play like 3 games to have a clue what he was talking about. He said he last played the game 9 months ago.