Faeria Dream Cup IV

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We all have dreams, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to achieve them.

Faeria Dream Cup IV

Welcome to the Faeria Dream Cup. A monthly tournament hosted out of Japan for any players who dares to dream, just like us. Compete for prizes. AND compete for the beautiful and astonishing trophy itself, the Golden Dream Reaver shooting towards the sky about to engulf its dream. (Well, not for real get a trophy, but we’re allowed to dream right?)

Prizes: In-game Gold

  | ---------| 8+ Players | 16 players+ | 32 players+ |
  | Gold 1st |    2500    |    5000     |   10,000    |
  | Gold 2nd |    1000    |    2500     |   5000      |
  | Gold 3rd |     0      |    1000     |   2500      |

Thank you so Abrakam and Atmaz for providing the prizes.

Date and Time

Saturday, November 18th, 2pm Japan Standard Time


  • BO3 single elimination tournament
  • Participants can use any 2 decks in a round, but between both decks, there cannot be more than 1 copy of a Legendary Card, and there cannot be more than 3 copies of any non-legendary card.
  • In a round, if you win, you must use the same deck in the next match. If you lose, you must change your deck.

Register here: Faeria Dream Cup

If you have any questions, feel free to ask around at the Faeria Dream Cup Discord. You can also contact skc (the organizer) through that discord channel.

Keep dreamin’