Faeria esports terms update September 27, 2016

Hey guys, as the result of recent player feedback and discussions with the team, we’ve made the following changes and clarifications to our esports terms located here: https://faeria.com/terms#esports

If you’re not a competitive player, you can skip over all of this as it likely won’t apply to you.

Posting it here just so everything is kept as transparent and clear as possible. Changes will be highlighted in bold and italics.

Game timers

If a tournament makes use of special in-game timers, the allotted “Time Bank” will be displayed to the left of each player’s name once their games have started. Time Bank rules and totals may vary from tournament to tournament.

The normal 90 second Faeria turn timer is still present in all games with a Time Bank present.

This is just a clarification to let players know that the normal turn timer does apply with Time Banks enabled.

Game disconnections, crashes, and draws

Should any player disconnect during a match, it is their responsibility to reconnect and finish the game as they are able. If they do not reconnect and finish the game, they will be given a game loss. Players have 10 minutes to reconnect to a tournament lobby to finish the rest of the match (if applicable), after which the match win is awarded to their opponent.

Should any game crash due to a bug or unexpected server issue, tournament officials will provide further instructions which may include ordering a re-game or issuing a draw.

Once again, no change here, just amplification on how the current tournament lobbies technically function. The tournament lobbies keep track of this disconnection time. If your opponent disconnects, you should wait in the lobby until they come back or you receive the win. This functionality has been the standard for some time, but we discovered it wasn’t clearly written down anywhere. Now it is!

Player Dropouts

In single elimination tournaments, should a player be unable to finish the rest of a tournament for any reason, including forfeiting, their place in any tournament brackets will be given to the player they previously eliminated. If that player is unavailable then the player before them will be advanced, until a player can be found as a replacement. If no replacement can be found, their opponent shall be awarded a match win.

Forfeiting any match in any tournament for any reason will remove that player from the rest of the tournament.

This is just a clarification mentioning the first paragraph of the forfeit procedure will only apply to Single Elimination tournaments. It’s never really been an issue so far, but needed to make it clear.

Match Fixing

All players in any official Abrakam tournament are expected to play to the best of their abilities with the full intention of winning each game. If any player is found to be intentionally losing games for whatever purpose, or otherwise fraudulently reporting match results, they will be subject to disqualifications and potential bans from further Abrakam events.

Prize Splitting

Abrakam does not support, condone, or assist in prize splitting. Prizes will be awarded to the individual who placed in the appropriate spot in any tournament.

If it is discovered that any such arrangement for splitting winnings has been made, we reserve the right to take any action that we see fit, including, but not limited to, banning the player(s) involved from one or all Abrakam sanctioned tournaments.

This is the biggest addition. We’ve been asked several times on our official policy regarding prize splitting, and we’ve now decided on one and written it down for everyone to see. Prize splitting is a problem for us for several reasons, and we simply cannot condone or make a blanket statement that it’s “okay” for anyone. It introduces a lot of potential issues regarding match fixing or placement manipulation, which have historically been significant issues for other major competitive esports out there, issues we don’t want to introduce to Faeria. For example, when there is a “point system” for your tournament placements that determines future seedings or qualifications, it can definitely make any sort of prize splitting open the door for match fixing issues. In short, we have to reserve the right to take action here to preserve the legitimacy of our competitions.

Note that we don’t plan on retroactively applying any of this to any previous competitions. We just wanted to make our position clear from here on out.

Thanks for reading! :rubyfish:

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