Faeria for mobile phones: time-limited Early Access

Fancy a sneak peek of where we are at with the mobile version of Faeria? You’ve come to the right place.

##Time-limited Mobile Early Access

As we prepare for an official release with our new mobile-friendly layout for smartphones, we’re launching one week of volunteer Early Access testing to receive as much feedback as possible. The goals here are to improve stability, performance, and overall player experience.

This one week Early Access will be available for:

  • iPhone (iOS 10+)
  • Android Mobile (Android 6+)
  • Android Tablets (Android 6+)

The Early Access will be available until May 15th and will then be shut down to allow our team to focus on the improvements and fixes needed to craft the perfect mobile experience for Faeria.

##Testing Faeria on iPhones

In order to access Faeria on iPhone, we will need to manually add every tester in a specific group within TestFlight. Due to the low limit of possible testers through TestFlight (2,000), we will be enforcing the following rules:

  • If a player hasn’t downloaded and/or played Faeria via TestFlight within 48 hours (starting when the invite is sent from our side), his account will be removed from TestFlight in order to make room for everyone to test and feedback
  • Once the limit is reached, we will be removing invites in chronological order (with a prior email notice that will be sent 12 hours before the access is removed)
  • Please use this form to request TestFlight access for your iPhone

Please note that Gem purchases will not be working on Faeria iOS

##Testing Faeria on Android

You can enroll in Faeria’s Early Access on Android here.

Please note that the Android mobile propagation may take up to 24 hours of propagation in different regions/different devices

##How to Feedback

As the goal of this time-limited Early Access is to gather as much feedback as possible, we have setup a dedicated form available here to reports bugs for iOS. For the Early Access version of Faeria on mobile, please leave a comment on the Faeria Play Store page.

##Patch Notes: PC/Mac/Linux

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur when a creature died
  • Fixed shop tutorial that could still make some client crashes in certain circumstances
  • Fixed spell cards that were not shown properly when played
  • Mobile UI won’t show up anymore on some Linux systems

  • The Faeria Team
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May be it’s just me but I wish they would fix the current pc client first before creating another one on a different platform :frowning:

The latest client version should be much more stable than yesterday’s - we issued several updates today.

Make sure you have the latest client version by doing this:


Thanks to all the devs who are working hard to smooth out the gameplay issues.

Thank you kind sir! :slight_smile:
Yeah it runs better than before. Thanks to you and the devs for the quick fix :slight_smile:

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So basically the app won’t work after 15th of may? Like won’t connect or some update will be pushed to make it stop working?

I clicked the link to become an Android mobile tester, but the link on the Abrakham page that leads to the Google play store brings me to a page that can’t be found. What do you advise?

Tested it already a bit and it is stable but still some framerate issues when starting games ( well the normal game on pc has that too).

All in all it is a good conversion, but I don’t like the fact that you have to “drag” your creatures and that you have to hold a card to see its text. It would be really nice that you can just touch the card you want to play once and then you can touch the goal for completion. I fear that I will place the card because of the dragging on the wrong field.

Personally i would place the “board” more to the mid because there is still plenty of space left and for a regular player it seems odd that the board is that much to the left, at least on my screen.

The UI is understandable and functions well for me.

Well overall I am happy with the conversion and it runs good on my Samsung S7.

cheerio mates :slight_smile:


Aside from the semifrequent freezes and crashes, one major feedback would be the empty right hand side. Edit: After getting used to it, I kind of like the ingame UI as it is now.

Android. Galaxy edge S6

Edit: I have played semi-frequently over the last week. Here is my more detailed feedback. (Currently level 23 ish)

  • It feels like the menu is a lot more smooth now. The transitions from one mode to the other is fluid, and the layout is simple and well designed.

  • Game is not always responsive to touching. Few examples are the Login button, and less frequent is the menu buttons. Ingame minions sometimes takes few clicks to actually select them (and Galaxy Edge’s screen is actually quite big), and moving minions is not intuitive. Sometimes my “drag the creature to move and attack” does not register well, so it is somewhat of a frustrating experience (I’m sure for me as well as for my opponent).

  • Following on touch issues, it takes 3-4 touches to register it as a touch vs holding the finger (for enlarging the card, or trying to see how many copies you have of a card in the pack opening screen). It feels very rugged and again, very counter intuitive.

The Card Collection (place where you build decks) is unfortunately not great. I am struggling to find positive criticism to give here, but I will say what goes wrong and why:

  • Scrolling down does hardly work, most likely due to unresponsiveness of touching
  • Many times a card that is in your deck is misclicked and it gets removed from your deck. Very frustrating to deal with while trying to read the card that is in your deck
  • Clicking a card to put to your deck is fine.
  • When your deck reaches 30 cards, all other cards are grayed out. I understand the reasoning behind this design choice, but it is not really (new) user friendly as I still want to see what my options are without removing cards from my deck.
  • Mythic cards clutter up the visibility. I would not put this as a high priority to fix, but if you do find an alternative please - by all means do it!

I really like the game so far and I feel like it has amazing potential, and I would like to support it. So I have made few purchases already. Would like to see a bit more polish when it officially launches on mobiles. Will DEFINITELY increase the amount of players by A LOT. (Note that according to Blizzard, mobile-only players in Hearthstone is a very large chunk of their playerbase, and some people are already looking for their next card game. This could be it, guys!)

I do not want to leave this review on my google account, as it is linked with my real name, but I gave it a 5 Star! Hope the devs reads these comments here!

Update: had some crashes but can’t say when. all in the solo mode with missions. also it shows for some creatures the wrong information text. farmboy for example is completely wrong.

I hope I get in :pray:

Running extremely smooth on my LG v20.
Only issue I’ve noticed is the options menu. It basically freezes the game if you try to change certain settings, especially video quality. There’s also no back or exit button for pop out menus and you have to click out of it to close. Thats more opinion/personal preference though.

plz i need acess for test on iphone