Faeria Friday: A brief summary

An update on tournament guidelines, Mac issues, and the general state of affairs!

Tournament guidelines update

We’ve made a few amplifications to our rules for tournament play, including community sanctioned tournaments for the Faeria World Circuit.

Updated rules:

  • Tournament admins approve spectators that will observe games in their tournament.
  • Non-approved spectators should not observe any games without tournament admin permission.
  • “Coaching” or giving live advice to other players during tournament games by any means is not permitted. Tournament players are expected to play to their best ability on their own.

We hope this adds some clarity on what is and is not allowed. Note that we take sanctioned community tournaments just as seriously as we do our official ones.

Speaking of community tournaments, don’t forget to watch Manta Cup 5 tomorrow on MetaGamingTV! Win prizes just by watching.

##What is Faeria Friday?

We’ve had a lot of new, wonderful faces around lately. Welcome! It seems like a good time to reinforce the idea of what our Friday blog updates are intended to accomplish, and to perhaps manage expectations more properly.

Faeria Friday is a summary of weekly Faeria community and development news that has been posted regularly, with a few breaks, since 2013. Beginning on our original forums which are no longer available, we’ve since adopted it as a regular post on our official website, right here.

Faeria Friday hopes to capture the pulse of the week in Faeria, focusing heavily on community activity and summarizing most everything that is noteworthy throughout the week. If you hang out in our official Discord, which a lot of you do, some of it may not come as a surprise. It’s also a way for us to showcase new player decks and guides posted recently to The Hub.

A difficult task to accomplish with our players is often the correct management of expectations. At a time when players are very hungry for development news, we hope that players don’t become too deflated when their curiosity isn’t completely satisfied on a particular Faeria Friday. While we share tidbits of news fairly often, we know that not everyone reads the news every week - and will have missed something we’ve mentioned weeks or months ago.

Let’s sum up some of the most common questions players often have as to the current status of Faeria development, and our goals for this year:

The next expansion

The next expansion is already in development, and has been since the release of Oversky late last year. We share some of the new art being generated nearly every week in the banners of our news posts you see right here. If you look closely, they may already begin to tell a story. We have a group of dedicated testers already working through the gameplay of many of the new cards. While the timeline for release is not yet solid enough for announcement, as soon as it is we will most eagerly share it with you. Thank you for your patience!

Mobile versions

Yes, Faeria is coming to mobile. It is currently in isolated testing restricted to regions in Belgium and Canada. We are being extremely mindful of our timing on the full release of these clients, and have critical plans for them that must be resolved before we are confident in making it globally available. We are as excited to make these releases as you are to play them, and to welcome all the new players who will join us once we do. Mobile release remains as a significant milestone for Faeria. We haven’t forgotten you, mobile players.

Balance patches

As always, we routinely keep an eye in the meta, and make adjustments as necessary to keep gameplay as diverse as possible. While we can’t make an announcement at this time, we do plan on making at least one balance patch before the next expansion. We will, of course, make a more proper announcement when it is time!


Often times, to avoid repeating ourselves, we don’t remind players of these facts every week. However, we fully recognize the desire our players have for frequent communication about development progress and teasers for upcoming content. Our team continues to expand this year, and we hope to able to provide more updates at a pace that satisfies as many of you as possible. 2018 will be an exciting year for Faeria, but new content and improvements speak louder than words. We hope to deliver these to you as soon as we can. Thank you to all of you who have stuck with us!

Mac problems

We’ve been receiving several reports lately of Mac users running into issues playing Faeria who are using the latest High Sierra update (10.13) which uses APFS - Apple’s latest filing system.

This is a universal problem involving the Unity engine and has affected many games that use this platform. Some, but not all Mac players, will experience issues while using this update and playing Faeria. We’re paying attention to this, and will hopefully be able to correct these problems in a future update.

Yak Plushies

A very small amount of our Plushie shipments from Oversky pre-orders last year are being returned to our warehouse due to various logistic problems out of our control involving international shipping and other unique situations. We’ll be working through these packages and make sure they reach the intended adoptive homes as soon as possible. If you have not received your Plushie and still have no submitted an email to support@abrakam.com, please do so as soon as it is convenient for you, and we apologize for the wait.

Helpful Guides

Aquablad’s Journey into Pandora
Aquablad’s second episode of Journey into Pandora is complete. Watch it all here:

Decks of the Week

Community events

Balance patch MUCH sooner than later please.

This. In regards to balance, currently it’s all Rush and Ramp on the ladder. It’s getting disgusting.

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I would reverse these. Ramp and Rush…almost no mid/late game decks can even start to win vs Ramp (read- WhalesLandRamp) so you’re left trying to go face faster than they can get whales or you can play GYsac to deal with rush. And that is all.

Unless the next exp has a direct counter to Whales and land ramp (and that counter isn’t 100% OP) something has to change fast.

And yet no patch to shake meta, no real news about expansion, no new about the android app.

Faeria on the top !!!