Faeria Friday: A Way through the woods

Journey into Pandora with Aquablad, find the latest Card Creator contest results, a small update to the Code of Conduct, and community decks, guides, and events!

Journey into Pandora - Top treasures

Aquablad and his new sweater discuss the top treasures in Pandora that you may want to search for. Which treasure are you most fond of?

  • [Watch the video here]()
  • Pandora Tier List spreadsheet
  • Aquablad has also put together a spreadsheet of his personal Pandora Tier List that may help you decide what to draft

Custom Card Creator Contest #3 Results - Structures

Construction complete. See the results of the latest Card Creator contest here!

Content creation assets

We’re always happy to provide public assets for content creation. Recently, we’ve closed the Dropbox many have become familiar with and have switched to a public folder on Google Drive. This doesn’t change anything other than where we are keeping them.

Terms addition

We have recently added one additional line to our Terms of Use, located here.

One line was added under the Code of Conduct:

“The list below consist of examples of behaviour that warrant disciplinary measures:
Participating in any action which, in the sole and exclusive judgement of Abrakam, is designed to lower the enjoyment of other players in the game, or intentionally “grief” them.”

Ya… hey, don’t do that!

##Faeria World Circuit

We know a lot of our competitive players are anxious for the new system to be announced. Please be patient as we finalize it! We don’t like to use the word “soon,” but it will be soon.

Helpful Guides

  • Unique Emotes - by Sulphur
  • A complete list of all avatar emotes in game!

Decks of the Week

Community events

  • Dream Cup VI
  • Saturday, January 13th, 2:00pm Japan Standard Time
  • In Japan, 2018 is the year of the Dog. Ruunin guides you into Dream Cup 6, a tournament series that is aimed at those in asian timezones.