Faeria Friday: A World Circuit Update

The Faeria World Circuit

As you have likely have heard us say before, we at Abrakam are in a constant state of self-evaluation. This means we are always looking at our game, our community, and all associated projects which keep the complicated mechanism that is Faeria functioning.

A large part of that mechanism is our official tournament system, and we have decided on making some changes in that area.

Last year, we officially began the very first season of the Faeria World Circuit - a worldwide, open competition with relatively large prize pools to help push the game to its absolute highest level and put it on display for all to see.

After our successful year of four complete seasons, we have now had time to analyze it closely and determine where we’d like to move to from here.

Prize changes

In short, we have determined that we will no longer be able to support cash prizes for our tournaments, including the one that is already planned to take place tomorrow, Saturday, February 23rd.

Due to some restructuring at Abrakam and our ongoing harmonization with Versus Evil, we have no choice but to remove cash prizes for the near future. We have some important goals we’d like to meet this year that require us to step back from cash prizes for the time being. More on the important goals a bit further down.

Our intentions are to find new ways to award special prizes to those who finish at the top of our official tournaments, which we plan on continuing in a similar form.

The new prizes, while not completely finalized, will be things such as:

  • Signed pieces of Faeria art
  • Unique cosmetic sets
  • Game keys from the Versus Evil collection
  • Game keys for Faeria and DLC to share with friends
  • Mythic Chests and other in-game items

While we recognize there is no real way to replace true cash prizes, we believe we can find a way to fill the hole in some valuable ways that should continue to motivate our most competitive players, who are very valuable to us.

Why didn’t you announce this sooner?

We regret that we could not have announced this change earlier or fully anticipated this timing, but it’s not something we have much of a choice over at this point.

We thank you for your understanding and will work to make it very clear to all future participants the prizes will be changing.

How will seasons be affected?

We plan on continuing the FWC point system as is, with no major changes to the overall qualification structure. We still plan on having Seasonal Cups as normal. Really, the only thing that will be changing are the prizes.

Important announcement next week

As you may have heard Versus Evil mention a few days ago, there’s going to be some big announcements next week.

One of these announcements is something very important for Faeria that we’re eager to share, but need to ask you to wait just a little bit longer.

Thank you for continuing to support Faeria, and please feel free to join our official Discord to discuss today’s news.

Hub Update

At long last, The Hub has been updated up to the balance patch.

All cards should now reflect the most recent numbers and text, in all languages.

Hunter’s Puzzles

Did you catch last week’s puzzle?

Congratulations to summerflame and MrTea for being the first ones to solve it in our Discord.

This week’s puzzle is a little different, but along the same lines.

Windstorm Archer Fun

The task is for you to find a way to give a Windstorm Archer Divine, buff its attack to 100, and at the end of your turn have it become a 1/4. There is no RNG involved.

This puzzle is intended to be done in game. Can you be the first?

Championship League registration

The next Championship League tournament takes place tomorrow. As noted above, prizes will be changing.

The prizes for this tournament will be as follows:

  • 1st place:
  • Versus Evil Game Key - 40-60$
  • Faeria DLC key of choice
  • 8 Mythic Chests
  • 2nd place:
  • Versus Evil Game Key - 25-30$
  • Faeria DLC key of choice
  • 5 Mythic Chests
  • 3rd place:
  • Versus Evil Game Key - 15-20$
  • Faeria DLC key of choice
  • 3 Mythic Chests

Decks of the Week