Faeria Friday: A year of cardbacks

2019’s Final Cardback

With this month’s cardback, we complete the cycle of an entire year of cardbacks telling the story of the genesis of Faeria.

From the tale of Orobouros and the Gods, to the appearance of humans and Kobolds emerging from the earth - the story will be finished.

Upon the next season reset in January, all 12 cardbacks will have been awarded. How many did you earn?

What’s next for Faeria?

In addition to the ongoing console preparation work, we have a few really big things in the pipeline that we’re excited to share but aren’t quite at the stage to do so yet.

Some of it may be quite a surprise.

In any case, keep following us here or join us in Discord to find the latest Faeria news. Thanks for sticking around!

December Tournaments

The next championship league tournament takes place TOMORROW. Remember, you must register on Battlefy to participate. Registering decks in-game is not enough to appear in the brackets.

Decks of the Week