Faeria Friday: Accounts and usernames

We’re doing more work to get ready for the upcoming console release. Also, last weekend before season reset!

More account changes incoming

As we continue to work toward console release, we continue to rework some aspects of how our account system is structured.

Sometime in the future, we will be transitioning usernames into ‘non-uniques.’ This basically means that different accounts will be able to have the same username.

In order to uniquely identify accounts, each account will be given its own “support ID” that will be displayed in the client. You’ll be able to use this ID for support purposes and otherwise.

You will also have to use this ID in the friends list as well, as typing usernames alone will no longer work.

This is yet another milestone we need to cross before console release is ready. A lot of the work we’re doing is boring like this - except for the controller play.

Playing Faeria on a controller has actually turned out to be very cool!

Spot lethal

Hunter has shared 3 more “Spot Lethal” puzzles for anyone to solve.

Warning: Most of these are very difficult and require intimate knowledge of the cardbase to solve.

Everything you need to know is contained within the images below.

Spot Lethal 1 - Hooking Around

Spot Lethal 2 - The Flying Ulani

Spot Lethal 3 - Hunter’s Finale

The first three people to solve these puzzles and give the answer to “hunter” in our Official Discord will win an Egg avatar!

Season Reset

The Season Reset takes place THIS COMING Monday, September 2nd.

As noted previously, cardbacks for this season will be delayed due to artist holidays but you will still be properly slotted the rewards, and receive them once we patch them in.

September Khalim Open Tournaments

The last month in the Season of Khalim is September!

Decks of the Week