Faeria Friday: Adventures in the Ardennes

After a week in Belgium, I am exhausted and full of meatballs. Here’s the latest news from Abrakam.

Balance Patch Incoming

We’ve been very sensitive to recent player feedback on the desire for a balance patch to shake things up, and the good news is that we already have something in the works.

We’d like to address a few concerns in the meta, but also rework and rebalance a number of cards that don’t see too much play. Of course, all of this is very cautiously done as it is very easy to break Faeria. We think we have narrowed our targets down to a selection of cards that should inspire a new variety of decks.

We estimate at this time the patch will be deployed the week of February 3rd.

UI and QOL improvements

Along with this balance patch, we will be releasing various UI and Quality-of-life improvements, as well as a number of bug fixes.

We don’t want to spoil too much, but we should have a few surprises for you that are easy on the eyes.

Next expansion

We are still chugging along in the design of our next expansion, which we have yet to officially name.

It’s still just a bit early for card teasers, but as soon as we’re ready to begin teasing we will be happy to tickle you with as many feathers as we can. We know you like it.

Goodbye to Belgium

Today is my last day in Belgium, after having spent about 10 days or so with all of team Abrakam. We had a very busy schedule from the day I arrived, kicking it off with a team-building weekend retreat in the Ardennes in Malmedy. It was a bit snowy and cold, but we had a lot of fun.

Belgian meals

Belgians like to eat. All of the time. Martin was the main chef of the weekend, and made approximately 3000 pancakes over the week. Also give or take 10 pounds of couscous.

Seen here, lurking in the back, is Nicolas - who is not pictured below. He is the rarest and most valuable of the Abrakam Pokemon.


We spent one of our days searching for hidden treasures in the woods, with the aid of GPS.

We stopped at an ice cave, which quickly devolved into ice combat.

The light follows Jen wherever she goes.



Near the beginning of our adventures, we encountered what we at first thought was a tiny yak. Turns out it was a dog, but it was a good sign of things to come.

That is me, stealing a kiss from the yak-dog, who was named Maxi.


Antoine is the SCRUM leader. That means he is in charge in making sure all tasks are proceeding smoothly throughout the week.

He is also very nice and will drive you to get some frites (Belgian french fries) late at night.


Chris (HeliosAflame) is a bundle of joy. He talks faster than most brains can keep up with, and is very good at table games.

He will also order you sandwiches if you give him money.


DaVeed is a powerful force in the office. If he is furrowing his brow and speaking French, you can be sure there is a serious issue.

He also likes to eat guacamole and dreams of living on the beach in Mexico.


Frederic is an external consultant in our offices at this time. His brother brews beer and he seems to know a lot.

He also brings in croissants and chocolate things for everyone to eat.

Jean Michel

Jean Michel (jiem) proudly wears his yak hat wherever he goes. Tall and bearded, some say he is a Belgian warrior reborn from long ago.

He will invite you to his birthday barbecue any time, and you should come.


Jen, the lead artist, is the organizer of all things that are social in after-hours Abrakam. She arranged nearly every gathering this week, and is always willing to help.

She also gets very cold and appreciates borrowing your gloves


Martin is very much an artist. Not just in his talent, but in all things in his life. He enjoys yoga, saunas, meditating, and cooking. He often wins the award of “best dressed” in the office.

He will also let you stay at his house for a week if you ask him.


PiWhy, as he is known, was our navigator into the mountains. He is stoic and quiet, and can often be seen building clients.

He also brings his own sandwiches to work.


Quentin is the silent killer. In the interest of efficiency, he speaks only the minimum words necessary to deliver his message.

He knows some japanese and I am told is a deadly martial artist.


Vincent, the lord and savior of Abrakam, is one of our talented artists.

We beat Golden Axe together on an arcade machine, but he died more than I did. However, he always returned.


Yves, one of our animators, is the feisty one of the bunch. He often gives rides to others on the way home because he is nice.

He also has the thickest accent when speaking English, and when playing the game Secret Hitler he will say “nayzee” a lot.

Farewell, for now

Perhaps, one day, I will return to this land of waffles, meatballs, frites, and beer made by monks.

Until then, I will remember it fondly.

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