Faeria Friday: Captions and Cards

Two new series of contests are beginning today! Get creative and win some gold and Pandora coins.

Balance patch schedule

We like to be as transparent as possible as soon as we have any type of schedule solidified for upcoming content or patches.

Our current plan has us implementing a balance patch some time after the next Monthly Cup. We’ll of course keep you updated if any of that changes, but it’s very likely the current plan will stick.

We know some players become unhappy without “regular” balance adjustments, but we generally don’t like to issue balance patches just to mix things up. We prefer to address any potential problems we recognize with as much precision as possible and with the end goal of improving gameplay across all matchups.

Thank for you listening, and for your continued feedback!

Caption Contest

“Your caption goes here.”

Community member Akagisha will now be running bi-weekly caption contests, starting today!

Remember the artwork teased last week? That’s your first target.

Prizes include gold and Pandora coins!

Custom Card Creation Contest

What’s that? More contests you say?

How about you make some cards?

Community member DeezNuggets is starting a new series of card creation contests that he hopes to continue as long as there are a suitable amount of entries. You wouldn’t disappoint DeezNuggets, would you? I wouldn’t advice crossing any amount of nuggets, for your own good.

This edition’s special rule is everyone’s favorite: Comeback Cards

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

  • Dragon Orb
  • Seifer’s Well
  • Ruunin’s Avatar
  • Sharra’s Card Back

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Aurora
  • Fugoro
  • Hoaka

Helpful guides

Decks of the Week