Faeria Friday: Cardback recap

End of 2019

It’s the last Friday in 2019. Stay safe during the holidays!

Cardback recap

For those keeping track of this year’s cardbacks, here a list of all 12 cardbacks made in 2019 which tell the story of the genesis of Faeria.

In order, their brief descriptions are:

  • Orobouros and the Gods
  • Giants and the Gods
    • (The Giants are the Thyrian, the Vulcan, and the Eolh)
  • Dragons + the Dragon / Giant war
  • Gabrians & Oradrims appear
  • Life / New species appear
  • Awakening of Orobouros
  • Astar, Dragons, and Giants vs Orobouros
  • Gaea’s sacrifice and the creation of the Tree of Gaea
  • Alua’s trap - Orobouros bites his tail and swallows Alua
  • Thyrians creating the First Orb in Vasirion’s temple
  • Energy Wave event, and intervention of Gods
  • Kobolds emerge from the earth and Humans appear

How many did you collect?

The last cardback (Kobolds and Humans) will be awarded on the first Monday of 2020.

Seifer Open #4 cancelled

Due to low registration during the holidays, Seifer Open #4 scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled.

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