Faeria Friday: Celeste-less

“Celeste-less” Highlander Tournament

Do you dislike having more than one of something?

Does pairing your socks annoy you?

Do you own only one pair of underwear?

Then this tournament might be for you.

We haven’t had a Highlander tournament in awhile, and SuperbLizard decided it was about time again.

Special rule for this tournament: “Celeste, Crystal Dragon” is BANNED

It’s no fun if everyone plays Celeste, is it?

Don’t forget to follow SuperbLizard’s Twitch Channel for live tournament coverage.

This Highlander tournament takes place Saturday, October 10th.

(Highlander means your decks can’t have more than 1 of any card. You know, like that movie…)

Deckbuilding and Pandora Guide

Learn about general deckbuilding skills and a guide to maxing out your wins in Pandora, courtesy of last week’s tournament winner: Moonfassa.

Khalim Open Results

  • 1st Place: Moonfassa - Canada
  • 2nd Place: FTWCHEESE - Germany
  • 3rd Place: Amoeba - Denmark
  • 4th Place: Summerflame - 'Murica

That’s the end of the point earnings for the Season of Khalim!

The top 32 players will be invited to the Khalim Season cup, which will take place SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17th.

Decks of the Week

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