Faeria Friday: Chrono.gg/faeria - 60% off Steam pack!

Today only, the Faeria Steam Pack is on sale at Chrono.gg! Also: Monthly Cup recap, known Mac issues, Balance patch review, and a slew of community content.

Chrono.gg Steam Pack Sale

For one day only, Faeria’s Steam pack will be on sale at Chrono.gg at a never before seen 60% off!

###The Steam Pack contains:

  • 10 Battle Chests
  • 3 Mythic Chests
  • 3250 gems
  • 1 month of Goki shoveling gold all over you
  • The exclusive mosaic card back

Note! You can only purchase this pack once per Steam account.

  • Deal begins: 6pm CET Friday, November 17th
  • Deal ends: 6pm CET Saturday, November 18th

Monthly Cup XVI Recap

Miss last weekend’s Monthly Cup?

Click here for the full recap:

  • Top deck lists
  • Final brackets
  • Tournament videos
  • A picture of a big dragon

Mac Issues

We are aware of the “pink screen” issues some Mac users are experiencing after this week’s patch,

If you’re experiencing this, you can do the following as a temporary workaround:

  • Enter your Steam Library
  • Right-click on Faeria
  • Choose Properties
  • Click on Set Launch Options
  • Enter the following: -force-glcore

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Balance Patch review

In case you missed it, we released a huge balance patch earlier this week. Click above for Aquablad’s review.

Helpful Guides

Decks of the Week

Community events

Metashaker deckbuilding contest

  • Rules: Use Triton Banquet or Triton Chef
  • Submissions end on Sunday, November 26th.

Custom Card Creator Contest #2

  • Rules: Land manipulation
  • Submissions due no later than 11:59 November 26, CEST

Dream Cup IV

  • Rules: Bring your opponent’s health to 0.
  • Tournament begins Saturday, November 18th, 2pm Japan Standard Time.

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

  • Giant’s Orb
  • Carnivorous Plant Well
  • Yellow Elemental Avatar
  • Krog Card Back

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Sharra
  • Fugoro
  • Ruunin

Can you buy the steam pack at chrono and give it to someone else at a later date? Just checking to make sure.