Faeria Friday: Closing out September

Week of 9/23/19

Another week of console pushing, and another series of bug fixes.

Hotfixes pushed this week:

  • Account verifications by email are now working once again
  • Linux and Mac users should no longer find themselves stuck in a ‘login loop’ with a blank screen.
  • Steam Achievements should be correctly unlocking once again. You may notice that you get a bunch at once as the system catches up to your accomplishments.
  • Private lobbies should now be functioning in greater than Bo1 (for real this time)

Known issues:

There may be some issues with OpenGL 2.0 support that we are looking into.

More interesting Faeria patches

We’re not happy with the amount of bugs we’ve been introducing lately, and we want to make it up to you.

We’re going to find some time to make a more exciting update for you soon, which may include some balance adjustments - and other fun things yet to be determined!

Khalim Open #4 TOMORROW

The Khalim Seasonal Cup will take place in October, on a date to be announced. You will be unable to participate if you do not have 75 FWC points or higher.

Decks of the Week