Faeria Friday: Dagdan, Pyrhos, and the Dark Wisp

Three brand new World Bosses await you. Brave your way through the Howling Desert, witness The Forge of Creation, and confront the Dark Wisp itself.

##New World Bosses

Starting today, you’ll find these new available in-game if you have reached the appropriate level.

  • Dagdan: Level 45
  • Location: The Howling Desert
  • The Howling Desert is home to the great Dagdan, lord of wind and fury. Dagdan rebelled against the sky god Astar, refusing to share the gift of flight. One day an old woman stole the gift from Dagdan. She chose to share it, and for her generosity Astar granted her eternal youth and beauty. Her name was Iona. When you see a storm arise from nothing, it’s likely Dagdan raging at this old theft.
  • Pyrhos: Level 50
  • Location: The Forge of Creation
  • The Forge of Creation is where the god Aoros forged souls from raw magic. One of his greatest creations was Pyrhos, the guardian of the forge. However, Pyrhos slowly grew mad in his isolation. To keep himself company, he used the forge to create a friend he named Kojin. Sadly Pyrhos was not a god, and could not create a truly immortal being.
  • Dark Wisp: Level 60
  • Location: The Hollowdeep
  • A single wisp haunts this lonely cavern. All attempts to learn of it have failed. Notes written about it vanish. Scrying spells return only blank stares and empty mirrors. Actually approaching it? Don’t. Just… Don’t.

Fair warning: While some players have been calling the previous World Bosses too easy, the confrontation with the powerful Dark Wisp is our answer. In fact, all three of these missions are quite a challenge. As the level requirements to unlock them go up, so too does the difficulty, by design.

Regarding the Dark Wisp specifically, you’ll want to keep an open mind. If the first deck you use doesn’t seem to be working out well, try some other strategies. Or… you know… just lose your soul.

If that still isn’t enough for you, next Friday we’ll be unleashing the final three World Bosses, the last of which requires you to be all the way to level 100. Be prepared.

##Steam Summer Sale

Faeria’s Steam Pack is part of the Steam Summer Sale!

Note: You can only purchase the Steam Pack once per account. If you already own Goki, you will instantly receive the 5000 Gold upon purchase and extend the duration of you current Gold Miner by an extra 30 days.

##Monthly Cup XII Qualifier

Don’t forget, the first of two qualifiers this month takes place tomorrow.

Never play in an official tournament before? No problem. Read this helpful guide here.

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You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

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Welp, need to grind some levels this week then. I’m only level 85 right now. At least to get level 100. But if the current set of bosses is anything to go by, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to worry about that. I found a few ways of dealing with the Dark Wisp and Dagdan, but I lack the cards to even try. There may be some cheaper solutions, but I have yet to figure them out.

Pyrhos, I don’t even know yet - I have some ideas but I didn’t test them that thoroughly yet. I like the new bosses, they are pretty hard.

I think the reason the early bosses felt a bit easy was because most of us (forum users tend to be experienced players) were way overleveled for them - so you go at them with a full cardpool of powerful cards and all the experience you acquired on the way, while in the end, they were designed for players with much less experience and less of a cardpool advantage.

Aquablad’s evil twin :smile:

No Bragging Brawl this week? Because of the MC qualifier.

Braggin Brawl isn’t a weekly event, but the Faeria Team League usually is. That will happen as normal, this Sunday.

Correction to the TCG eSports tournament time, it is taking place 19:30pm CDT time on Tuesday, for NA players.