Faeria Friday: Expansion Discussion Stream

Tune in to Twitch TOMORROW and follow along a community discussion of the upcoming Fall of Everlife expansion. WIN EGG.

June Season Cardbacks

The current Ladder and Pandora seasons run until Monday, July 2nd. Here are the cardbacks you can earn, should you choose to work for them.

Here is how you earn them:

Fall of Everlife - Expansion Discussion stream

This Saturday, several community members are gathering on stream to discuss what we’ve revealed about the upcoming expansion so far.

ESofDawn, zaldinfox, SuperbLizard, and Minocaro will be going over all revealed cards and mechanics, as well as just generally hanging out and talking about Faeria.

Additonally, they’ll be revealing a brand new card from Fall of Everlife.

What could it be? Is that a gem on top of it? Tune in to find out.


Egg is here.

That is Egg.

“What is Egg?”

Watch tomorrow’s Expansion Discussion stream for 30 minutes or longer and receive FREE EGG - as long as your Twitch profile is connected to your Faeria account at The Hub.

Stream prizes:

  • Watch 30 minutes or more: FREE EGG
  • Watch 1 hour or more: Rare chance to win Mythic Chest every 30 minutes.

Eggs hatch during every Seasonal Cup into special furry prizes. Obtain your eggs early to have a chance to hatch more than one!

These Eggs you receive tomorrow will hatch the weekend of July 14, or you can wear them as a hat until then. Egg hat.

Ruunin Open Recap

Only one more Championship League tournament remains in the season of Ruunin! Last chance to secure those points.

Additionally, the final Hex Templar takes place tomorrow, which also rewards FWC points…

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