Faeria Friday: Faeria is coming to PS4

Faeria is coming to PS4

This November, there is something very important we all must do.

Make your voice heard.

Get Faeria on PS4.

That’s right, after much work - we are officially releasing Faeria on PS4 on November 3rd. It is the most important thing that is happening that day in Belgium.

You have the right to get Faeria on PS4. If anyone tries to stop you, message us on Discord.

Stay informed about Faeria and all of its choices here.

Special thanks to our partners at Versus Evil for helping us officially finalize our console release!

Seasonal Cup Results

Seifer Open #1

Registration for the first Seifer Open is now available

IMPORTANT NOTE: During this time, Belgium will have changed timezones while other countries will have not. This tournament takes place 18:00 BELGIUM TIME on the day of the tournament.

Moonfassa’s Best of Khalim

Moonfassa has put together a greatest hits video for his entire season of Khalim. That’s saying a lot, so go have a watch.

40 minutes of KROG

Are you an OG Krog fan?

Do you want to watch 40 minutes of Seasonal Cup Krog deck gameplay?

Look no further than here.

Somehow, BAMSER was able to eliminate one of the best players in the game using only Krog. Watch above to see how he did it. (Might wanna turn on 2x speed.)

Decks of the Week

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