Faeria Friday: Fall of Everlife Invitational

We’re hosting a special invitational tournament tomorrow - LIVE on FaeriaTV. Also: Seasonal Card backs, and a bit of our thoughts on your recent feedback!

Fall of Everlife Invitational

This Saturday we invite 16 of the top players from the Season of Ruunin to compete in a special invitational tournament!

This tournament will showcase the new Crucible match format, as well as some special deck rules.

Eggs will be given away on stream, and Eggs will be hatching again this weekend!

Stream prizes will be as follows:

  • Watch for 30+ Minutes: CHANCE to win 1 Battle Chest (or 600 Shards)
  • Watch for 90+ Minutes: CHANCE to win 1 Mythic Chest
  • Watch for 3+ Hours: GUARANTEED Egg
  • Link your Faeria account to Twitch here

Fall of Everlife, Pandora, and the DLC model

Fall of Everlife is out! We’re sure you know that by now.

We’ve been listening to your feedback on the vast amount of changes, and have taken particular interest on everyone’s feelings about the new economy and how DLC works.

The new model introduces such a sweeping amount of changes we knew that we risked creating some problems. Overall we think reception has been very positive - but we feel there is definitely some room for improvement in a few areas.

In the near future, we are looking at improving two distinct areas:

  • Adjusting Pandora rewards to make them feel more rewarding
  • Giving more of a “boost” to those who purchase DLC, allowing them to make decks featuring the new cards right away rather than have to earn a Chest or two first.

We expect to begin focusing heavily on these areas beginning next week. In the meantime, thank you for your continued feedback - and we will always do our best to continue improving Faeria.

Seasonal Card backs

This season’s cardbacks are shown below!

Place high enough in Ranked mode or Pandora before the season reset on August 6th to pick these up!

Khalim Open #1

This month, we will be holding only one $400 Championship League tournament - and signups are open!

Be among the first to experience the new Crucible format!

Community Card Review

Top player xged has put together a new article on The Hub featuring thoughts from known players in the community on the cards from the first part of Fall of Everlife.

Ruunin Seasonal Cup Recap

The $2500 Seasonal Cup is over!

Did you miss it?

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Aquablad’s Corner

Decks of the Week

Note: We are working at getting the latest new cards up on the Hub. We should have them up next week!