Faeria Friday: Fugu fun

The season reset is coming this Monday! Find your card backs here. Sorry, I just wanted four F’s in the title.

September seasonal card backs

It’s already time for the first full season with all of Oversky released to come to an end… If you’ve been playing Ranked and Pandora this month, shiny rewards are headed your way.

  • Season reset: Monday, October 2nd at 12pm (Noon) CEST

Here are the card backs you’ll be awarded, should you earn them:

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite player to compete in next weekend’s $3300 Monthly Cup XV!

$1000+ Monthly Cup earners

With the fifteenth Monthly Cup on its way in about a week, it seems appropriate to showcase some of the top competitive earners in Faeria Monthly Cups.

Listed below are those players who have earned $1000 or more from Monthly Cup events only.

  • $4,300 - Modgnik
  • $3,650 - Imperia
  • $3,600 - Arianelle
  • $3,000 - Maihem
  • $2,750 - Kingdanzz
  • $2,150 - Cappuccino
  • $2,150 - Sweety
  • $2,000 - Donkey74
  • $2,000 - luuu90
  • $1,650 - Aya_73
  • $1,650 - Strudl
  • $1,500 - ESofDawn
  • $1,500 - Teddy
  • $1,150 - HeavyCC
  • $1,150 - IncognitoD
  • $1,100 - HeliosAflame
  • $1,100 - Zarrockar
  • $1,000 - Gravekper
  • $1,000 - KumpelKefer

Of note, this isn’t to discredit anyone who has earned less than this amount. Earning any prize in a Monthly Cup is an achievement of its own. Faeria can be a very difficult game to master at the highest level, and the Monthly Cup is where we get to showcase that elite level of play.

Monthly Cup XV takes place Saturday, October 7th at 16:00 CEST.

##Android purchase support issues

We’re aware of some instances where players are reporting gem purchases not working properly on Android devices. We are investigating this matter and assure you that if you have made a purchase and did not receive your item, we will absolutely correct the problem and apologize for the inconvenience. The Android version is currently officially available only in Belgium and Canada for continued testing.

##Mistral Guide Metashaker

You know what that adorable face of the Groundshaker means: Another Metashaker deck building contest!

This time, your task is to make things fly around the board all over the place like it’s crazy town, using this card:

Submissions end Sunday, October 8th. Good luck!

Deals of the Week

You’ll find these new items in the in-game store, starting today:

Cosmetic Bundles available:

  • Magda
  • Ruunin
  • Fugoro

Decks of the Week

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When will the incorrect card text for Istanu be changed? Surely you must have the manpower for that. It’s been like a month…


It’s on a list of things we need to fix, it’s somehow missed the rounds. I’ll make sure it gets put back on the table.