Faeria Friday: Full Sails

The Ship’s Trim

With Gagana recently released, we have our eyes on the general balance of the game.

We’ve been playing, watching streams, reading feedback, and discussing among ourselves how things are going.

In the grand scheme of things we think the metagame is pretty darn fun - which is encouraging. That said, there are probably some things we are going to tweak in the short-term and go from there. Thanks for your continued feedback!

Championship League - Ruunin Open #1

The Season of Ruunin is on!

Interested in getting into competitive Faeria play? Now is the perfect time.

Hub Deckbuilder

In case you didn’t already notice, The Hub has been updated with the latest cards from Gagana!

DLC Guide

Not sure which Faeria DLC card expansion to buy first? Matrien is here to help you decide on your next chapter in the world of Faeria.

What a helpful gentleman.

Decks of the Week