Faeria Friday: Gamescom 2019

Abrakam at Gamescom

This week, some of the team went to Cologne for Gamescom to show off Faeria and Roguebook in a modest booth in the business area

Very special thanks to our partners at Belgian Games for helping us host the booth! You should check them out when you can.

Special eyes

During Gamescom, Abrakam won a game of Faeria for the first time ever without ever touching a mouse or keyboard.

How was it done?

Click above to find out.

A very clever developer decompiled the Faeria client was implemented an eye-tracking mod for Tobii. A major intention of this sort of software is to help those with disabilities play video games by using only the motion of their eyes. It’s difficult to believe, but it actually works very well for Faeria and we were very impressed.

Khalim Open #2 Results

  • 1st place: Amoeba - Denmark
  • 2nd place: SaturnFive - Australia
  • 3rd place: happyjo - South Korea
  • 4th place: evgeney24 - Russia

Tournament signups for September will be up soon!

Decks of the Week