Faeria Friday: Get cracking

##Upcoming Solo Content patch

We have some important changes coming to the structure of Solo content and what you can expect in the near future.

During Early Access, it’s often the case where we push features hard until we get a better grasp on what really works and where we should go from there. We’ve done a lot of this to get Pandora to the state that it’s in now, for example.

When we released the first iteration of the new Solo content when transitioning to Free-to-Play, we mentioned there would be several more updates to the Solo content before the full release of Faeria. Right now, we consider our Solo content on live servers to be “version 0.5”. The week of November 21st, we plan on releasing version 0.6 to the public.

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming changes:

  • We will be breaking the existing Solo content up into “Acts.”
  • The “level lock” on Solo content will be removed. You will no longer be forced to level up elsewhere to continue to progress in Solo.
  • Some Acts will be completely free, while others will need to be purchased to unlock.
  • If you have already completed any portion of the Solo content:
    The process of cutting and rearranging the Solo content into Acts is going to make it very difficult to maintain player progress. We are going to look for ways to maintain as much player progress as possible, as we know many players may not be very excited about going through the same content they’ve already completed, even if it is slightly changed. In the end, we will make sure players will not miss out on any special rewards.
  • We aim to have a decent amount of free Solo content available after the Prologue is completed before you will need to purchase any Acts.
  • We plan on adding many more Acts in the future
  • Individual quests will remain mostly the same as before, but with some improvements

This means that if you want to receive all of the current rewards in the existing Solo content, you will need to complete it before our next update scheduled for the week of November 21st. After that, the new Act system will be in place and you may need to make a purchase to continue. It is very important for us to get the Solo content in a well-polished state before Early Access is over - and we thank all of you for the heavy amounts of feedback and testing you’ve provided for us.

##Monthly Cup this weekend

The next $3300 Monthly Cup is taking place tomorrow:

See the brackets below:

Who do you think will win?

Make sure to watch one of the following streams this weekend to be eligible win prizes! Click here to find out how you can win gold, Eggs, and more.

Eggs are hatching again!

Whenever the Monthly Cup rolls around, Eggs just can’t handle it: They hatch.

While our scientists are still working on figuring out exactly what it is about the Monthly Cup that makes the Eggs hatch, we’ve put together all the information you need about Eggs in one helpful post.

##X-Story, a short film

Outside of Faeria news, we wanted to share with everyone an amazing animation project that one of our artists, Vitaliy Shushko, has recently completed.

Two years in the making, his short film “X-Story” was released three days ago. Watch it by clicking here or the image above, you won’t be disappointed.

Have a great weekend.


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